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Condo Window Cleaning

0-1500 squ. ft.


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2501-3000 squ. ft.


Downtown San Diego Window Cleaning

1501-2000 squ. ft.


Condo Window Cleaning

2001-2500 squ. ft.


Our Extra Care Luxury High-rise window cleaning package.

 Here is what you can expect:

  • Workers wear shoe covers while in your home
  • A pre-cleaning walk-thru is done with customer to inspect windows before work commences. At this time the moving of furnishings is discussed and ease of access is established. Our plan of action is explained to homeowner and any questions are addressed.
  • Fresh water cleaning solution bucket is set in an area, inside the home, that is protected from spills.
  •  Mullions/ledges are brushed and vacuumed before any water is used
  • Tracks are brushed, vacuumed, and wiped
  • Interior of windows are carefully washed and edges are wiped clean and dry.
  • Patio/balcony area’s accessible windows exterior surfaces are cleaned and edges wiped dry.
  • Special care with water is taken to minimize drips (applicator is used with minimal amounts of water and 3 towels are placed around work area and 1 is used to dry edges of excess water).
  • Cover furnishings/desks with towels when working over them to protect from water.
  • Once all windows have been cleaned, a post cleaning walk-thru is done with customer
  • Payment is collected at this time if not Prepaid.

Luxurious attention to detail. Quality window cleaning done right!

Downtown high-rise window cleaning
Luxury High-rise window cleaning

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